The Organized Musician

The Organized Musician by Debbie Stanley
The Organized Musician by Debbie Stanley


Debbie Stanley’s latest book, The Organized Musician, is available from the following sources: (print and Kindle editions):

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Don’t believe the hype: A musician’s life doesn’t have to be perpetual chaos. Organization might not come naturally to you, but you can learn it. And if you want to make your living as an indie artist, you must learn it.

In her latest book, The Organized Musician, professional organizing rock star Debbie Stanley turns her focus to the music industry, shining needed light for independent musicians trying to make their way on their own. Working from fundamentals to strategies to systems and tools, with The Organized Musician you won’t just “get organized”—you will BE organized.

Praise for The Organized Musician:

“Debbie Stanley is the professional organizing industry’s gift to independent musicians. Her easy-to-follow methods are sure to get you organized—and keep you organized.”—National Association of Professional Organizers Past President Barry Izsak

“As a musician, there are no more excuses for not knowing about the music biz. Debbie’s book is a shining example of a great tool you can use to get organized and be more productive.”—Sony & VMG recording artist Alex Vallejo

“The most successful artists understand that they are more than their art: They are a business. Debbie gives musicians and creatives the tools to move from being a struggling small business to thriving as a savvy entrepreneur— and beyond.”—Austin Music People Executive Director Jennifer Houlihan

“I ask for Debbie’s help any time my project needs input or a complex job finished quickly. When it comes to efficiency, networking, and organization, Debbie Stanley is the best.”—award-winning indie vocalist Donovan Keith

“If there was ever a group who needed something like this to help them get their s**t together, it’s the musicians of the world. Debbie has a magical way of helping bands run their lives and careers more like a business which is essential to helping them become the superstars that they all ultimately want to be.”—Music Prize Founder Gregory Kallenberg

“To make it in the music industry today, you have to work smart. And you can’t work smart without working organized. Debbie cuts through the clutter to bring the tools that matter to musicians to help them make music, and money, their whole lives.”—Black Fret Co-founder Matt Ott

The Organized Musician by Debbie Stanley