Debbie Stanley helps even chronically disorganized people to get their act together and hit their goals. She knows and teaches that every person is capable of getting and staying organized — not with commercialized, prepackaged systems, but by re-envisioning and fine-tuning the skills they already possess.

Before moving to Austin, TX, Debbie established herself as an organizational consultant, speaker, instructor, and author across all industries. Her expertise includes AD/HD, chronic disorganization, and residential hoarding, and she’s had extensive exposure to the fields of education, finance, medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, law, publishing, print and broadcast journalism, and music. Her passion is guiding clients to improve their performance, whether by refining their own individual organizational skills or adding processes that elevate the operation to higher levels.

Now residing in the Live Music Capital of the World, Debbie continues to consult with clients in all industries, including the music community. By teaching them how to rock self-employment, through one-on-one consultation, group workshops, and her latest book, The Organized Musician, Debbie is helping independent musicians around the world to live their dream of a pro music career. In select cases, Debbie also engages in direct representation of clients via booking, social media coordination, event production, licensing/catalog management, and artist management.

Book a consultation here:

Phone or video call: https://debbiestanleyclientcall.youcanbook.me/

Onsite in Austin (after at least one call): https://debbiestanleyonsite.youcanbook.me/

For workshops and other presentations, contact Debbie at 512-296-9886 or Deb@ThoughtsInOrder.com.