Bob Newhart? Really?

Here’s the next post in my music history self-study project. I’m checking out each winner of the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, reading a bit of bio info and sharing whichever random points catch my interest, and also building a Spotify playlist of the songs I like best from that artist. I’ll share each post to my Facebook page and invite you to join the conversation there.

This week’s winner: Bob Newhart, Best New Artist of 1960

  • Bob Newhart. Photo: Jim Wallace
    Bob Newhart. Photo: Jim Wallace

    My first thought: Bob Newhart sang? Nope. This award was for his spoken-word comedy recordings. I suppose it didn’t seem unusual to give the Grammy for Best New Artist to a non-musical act at this early point.

  • He also won Album of the Year for the live album The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart. At least one writer has credited Houston with launching Newhart’s career, since the album was recorded at H-Town’s Tidelands nightclub.
  • The Grammys recognized him early on, but Emmy Awards (the major award for TV shows) eluded him through the entire run of his huge hits The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart. He finally won an Emmy in 2013 as a guest actor on The Big Bang Theory.

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