The First Mega-Winner: The Beatles

Here’s the next post in my music history self-study project. I’m checking out each winner of the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, reading a bit of bio info and sharing whichever random points catch my interest, and also building a Spotify playlist of the songs I like best from that artist. I’ll share each post to my Facebook page and invite you to join the conversation there.

This week’s winner: The Beatles, Best New Artist of 1964

The Beatles, 1964 | Photo: United Press Int'l
The Beatles, 1964 | Photo: United Press Int’l
  • Here’s the first Best New Artist to go on to massive, enduring, world-changing success. They need no introduction, and finding fun obscure facts about them would be quite an operation, but I Googled “Beatles obscure facts” and browsed the many not-so-obscure-since-they’re-right-there results.
  • I didn’t know George Harrison was the youngest. He was only 14 when he hit the other guys’ radar, and his age was a problem at least once when it got him deported from Germany while the band was on an extended stay there. More on this and other fun trivia here:
  • Deemed one of the worst misjudgments in the history of the music industry, Decca Records rejected The Beatles as a group with “no future in show business.” Remember that if some supposed expert tells you you’re not good enough.

Check out my Spotify playlist “Deb Stanley’s ‘Best New Artists’ Study” to see which Beatles recordings I added.